Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#ChefConf 2014

Today I presented Windows Web Server Management with ASP.NET at #ChefConf 2014.

My presentation is up on GitHub as is my sample Windows cookbook. If you weren't able to make the conference the sessions should be available online shortly. In the mean time, go checkout my presentation.


  1. Hi Paul, great presentation, just finished it. I am evaluating several IaC tools and started with 2 Chef and Puppet. I have DevOps experience for severl years but the Old way "batches and scripts mode" :-), I come from Microsoft stack world. I am very new to chef, however I managed to setup a chef server on ubuntu, a workstation on win 7 and a node win 2012, everything working fine as I followed 3 modules of the 6 part video series of your colleague Nathen Harvey. 1st question, you mentioned during your pres that we can spin a machine on Azure or AWS then deploy chef-client, then run cookbooks, is my understanding is correct? if yes, how this can be doen, I would appreciate any pointers to some resources or tutorials. 2nd, I have already downloaded the cookbooks iis, windows and chef_handler and uploaded them to my server, used them through a cookbook I created called iistest. What are the steps to follow to use some functionalities from outside your cookbook, should I upload your cookbook chefconf2014 to my server then add a depends on in the metadata.rb of my cookbook with no conflicts......

    1. You can use Chef with AWS and Azure. For AWS the easiest way to bootstrap a machine is to use Cloud Formation Templates and kick off chef with the startup script ( I haven't used Chef and Azure but there is knife support for Azure (